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Title III Funding

Council on Aging Renewal Request for Proposal for 2021 for Current Title III Funded Project.  Currently funded 2020 projects under Title III-B, Title III-D, Title III-E, and Title III-C are eligible to submit an application for services under Title III-B, Title III-D, Title III-E and Title III-C for 2021.

2021 Title III B Supportive Services Renewal

2021 Title III C Nutrition Renewal

2021 Title III D Health Promotion Renewal $5,000+

2021 Title III D Health Promotion Renewal less than $5,000

2021 Title III E Caregiver Renewal

2021 Title III E Consumer Directed Renewal

Currently funded projects may contact either Amanda Schindele Amanda.Schindele@cmcoa.org or Sue Amundson Susan.Amundson@cmcoa.org for any questions on any of the renewal applications.  Please look closely at the timeline in the materials. All final applications are due to the CMCOA offices by August 5, 2020 3:00 p.m. Feel free to submit earlier if you would like.

Compressed Files (.zip)

CMCOA RFP/Renewal Application files are saved in a compressed format, often called "zip." Zip files allow multiple documents from different programs (Word, Excel, etc.) to be saved in one file. This file can then be downloaded to a local computer. 
To access RFPs/applications, follow these steps:

1.    Right click on the desired file and select "Save target as."

2.    Save the file to the local computer...remember where it was saved!

3.    Close the box that appeared after you have saved it...do not open.

4.    Find the file and right click on the icon that looks like a file with a zipper and select "extract all." (note: icon may have a different appearance based on the compression program on the computer).

In the event the zip file does not work, contact the contract manager. 
Most new computers have a compression program preinstalled. If not, WinZip® is a common compression program. Download a free version by visiting Winzip.



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