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Live Well at Home Grant

Apply for a Live Well at Home Grant (formerly known as CS/SD)

Purpose: To develop and /or provide services for older Minnesotans to live in the community. Allow local communities to improve their capacity to develop, strengthen, integrate programs, Maintain home and community-based services for individuals' age 65 and older and at risk of long-term nursing home use and/or spending down into Medical Assistance.
Proposals may include strengthening services for the caregiver support network.

Notice of RFP for Live Well at Home Grant Funding
The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has published their 2017 Request for Proposal (RFP) soliciting applicants for the Live Well at Home grant program to develop and/or provide services for older Minnesotans to live in the community.

Request for Proposals to Develop and/or Provide Services for Older Minnesotans to Live in the Community

Technical Assistance Available!
The Central MN Council on Aging (CMCOA) ElderCare Development Partnership (EDP) is available to provide technical assistance to applicants. Applicants can request technical assistance from CMCOA on a first-come, first-serve basis. Consultation will focus on project need and design, outcomes, sustainability, and budget, as well as review draft proposals as time permits. Due to staffing constraints, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact CMCOA as early as possible to receive technical assistance.

Technical Assistance Contact:
Natalie Matthewson - natalie.matthewson@cmcoa.org
Ben Byker - ben.byker@cmcoa.org
Rachel Zetah - rachel.zetah@cmcoa.org

To Apply: 


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