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Healthy Aging

There are many factors that contribute to Healthy Aging.  How you stay involved in your community; adopting healthy habits and behaviors; and managing your health conditions all play a part in being your best and sustaining independence.  By enhancing lifestyle changes for better physical, social, and mental health, older adults can have their best quality of life. Healthy behaviors are easier to maintain within the social network of friends, family, and community. Central Minnesota Council on Aging strives to encourage and provide resources that promote Healthy Aging throughout the 14 county region.

JuniperFor more information contact:
Steve Hoover
Healthy Aging Coordinator


Making feeling good your first priority

Juniper helps you get fit, manage your health conditions and prevent falls.

Participants in Juniper classes learn from leaders, and from each other. You’ll feel heard and supported, as you take steps that work for you and your life.
To find a class near you: yourjuniper.org


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Leader Support

Live Well

  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Living Well with Diabetes
  • Living Well with Chronic Condition
  • Living Well with Chronic Pain

Get Fit

  • Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
  • Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL)

Prevent Falls

  • A Matter of Balance
  • Stepping On
  • Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance





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